Yes we do,

Here is how the program works.

If you were referred by someone you would add that persons email address in the provided field at the bottom of the registration page. This would allow your referrer to get JMD$100 credited to their account each time they refer a new user to sign up and use our service.
In order for a referrer to get credit, the referee will have to use our service to ship a package and not just to register only.
Please note that NO physical money is involved but the credit will be used towards paying for the clearance of a package based on the amount of credit the referrer accumulated and the amount the package will cost to be shipped.

For Example, If you refer 10 people and those 10 persons shipped a package with us, then your credit balance would be JMD$1000. In the future if you the referrer plans to ship with us, say for example a package weighing 1lb then the refferer would not pay any charges to Jamrush Couriers.

At Jamrush Couriers and Freight Limited, a 1lb package cost USD$5 or JMD$650, therefore the referee would still have a balance of JMD$350 to go towards their next shipment. This balance would continue to increase as long as the referrer refers new users to ship with Jamrush Couriers and Freight Limited.

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